Alien invasion

A lonely Junker Outpost on some backwater planet. A small contingent of Junker troops has the boring duty of protecting an unused landing pad. Nothing around but grass, sand and rocks. Enforcer Garrington has had a good time inventing drill details to keep his convicts from getting bored. Business as usual.

But recently, there have been rumors. Sightings of strange creatures in the wild. Unidentified ships are supposed to be in orbit. And just a few hour ago the small guard company has been put on high alert. Their orders: Keep the landing pad safe and await the incoming landing ship with reinforcements. Tensions are high.

The setup for the battle

Then a Sandrunner Scout comes gallopping back into the compound: "Koralon, a whole horde of them heading this way!"

Things are about to get interesting, and the backup is still 30 Minutes away.

Alien Force
The Alien Force, actually just a small splinter group from the horde the scout spotted. But hungry and agressive nevertheless. (Secret tip: Milk makes Koralon fight especially well!)

The Defenders
The defenders nervously array for battle.

The battle starts
The alien forces rush forward to meet the humans. Shots and coraline darts fly across the battlefield, but the first casualties are, surprisingly, not some aliens but the two suicide bombers who die, pitted with coraline darts, before they can get even close to the enemy. Enforcer Garrington curses under his breath and orders his troops to advance to meet the emeny (he has been known to make rash decisions).

Exo suits
The Exo suits advance and meet the onrushing Assault Araktons. Flamers and Grape Guns reap a deadly harves among the aliens. After two volleys only the Arakton leader remains and decides to head for the hills.

Go for the enforcer
On the other flank the battle is not going too well for the Junkers. The Sandrunners charge a unit of brood, manage to kill none of them and get cut down to the last man and beast in the return attack.
In the center another unit of brood breaches the defense perimeter and rushes over the screaming Enforcer Garrington. Though he fights hard, he is simply overwhelmed. (Maybe the convicts aren't too sad to see him go).

Brood on the landing pad
A unit of brood start swarming the landing pad and a bitter hand-to-hand battle ensues.

Battlesuits in combat
On the laft flank the Exo suits have been swarmed by brood as well and suffered the first loss, though they make the aliens pay for every drop of blood drawn.

Convicts alone
With the enforcer gone, the convicts realize, that even though they do not have to fear their neural spike any more, the alternative may be just as bad.

Fight on the platform
The Fight on the platform continues with casualties on both sides.

Exo suit battle 2
The Exo suits have managed to sow the fear into their enemies, but those dammned aliens keep fighting nevertheless and still fight surprisingly well to boot.

On the platform
The Battle around the landing field comes to a short halt, as the last alien on the platform is killed. The Junkers are demoralized, one last alien is facing them. He looks at the frightened humans, raises his blade and... decides to go home.

The Exo suits are still dunking it out with the brood as finally the slowest members of the Koralon force, the tactical araktons arrive. Their volley clears the surviving Junkers from the landing pad.

Last Survivor
On the left flank the Exo suits finally fall beneath the Koralon's blades, and as the araktons advance on the platform, the last remaining Junker sees his life flashing before his eyes and really, really regrets cheating on that tax audit that got him committed.
He does not have to suffer long

The aliens have suffered heavy casualties, but have won the field in time before the Junker reinforcements arrive. The approaching ship sees only a mass of aliens squirming over a destroyed landing platform and blasts off again to the safety of space.

A bleak day for humanity.