Burger Battle

It started out harmlessly enough.
Jerome Atkinson, proprietor of J.A. Burgers decided on a new marketing scheeme, the "Two for One Deal". Meaning that if you bought one burger, you'd get the second one free.
This completely revolutionary idea caused quite a stir among the people, and the terrifying rumor, that this way, the burgers would soon all sell out.
Ghastly thought!
Quickly two groups of people decided, that they would have to stock up on burgers to face the coming burger-crisis with well stocked larders.

Enter the contestants:

From the West, a small force of Junkers of the Vulture Legion.

From the East, VASA Troops (along with a few lightly armed civilians.. err militia)

The Objective:

Whoever has more miniatures in base contact to J.A. Burgers at the end of turn 6 will be declared the winner (Minis in base contact with the front will count double).

The Battlefield:

Dog-Town Main Street. A small, rural town, where the most exciting thing to have happened during the last few years is J.A.'s newest marketing experiment.

The Battle:

The Junkers advance carefully, making sure to stay well in cover. That idea prooves to be good, as a straying speculative shot from an suppressor's grenade blows the roof out of an innocent bystanding garage.

The VASA troops advance more openly. They have civilians to take cover behind after all.

The marines idle around a bit and then take some pot shots at the heavyly armored exo suits, taking one out of the picture.
"Weak material, always the same with the Ironglass Boys" is the sergeants only comment to this battle's first blood.

The Junkers enter the street in a tight and protective turtle formation...

...and their double shotgun volley actually manages to take out two(!!) militia members.

In retaliation for this attack on civilians, the suppressor grenade launcher demonstrates the disadvantages of a tight turtle formation with a well targeted direct hit.

The losses on the junker side though are (from a junker point of view) acceptable.

The suppressors advance down the street, making sure to always stay a wee bit behind the civilians...

...Who prove to be good at what they are supposed to do: Play cannon fodder.

The Marines are still idling around the backstreet corner, enjoying a smoke and counting the shots fired on Main Street.

With whirring turbos, the exo suits enter the main street...

Only to get massacred in the crossfire between (no, not the two panicked civilians) the suppressors...

...and the marines who have finally decided to join the fray.
"Lousy Material!" Comments the sergeant.
"Lousy dice" Comments the player, who could not get his exo suits to fire at the suppressors instead of the two harmless civilians.

What the exo suits didn't manage, the convicts finally do: They remember that they are supposed to be shotgun specialists, target the greatest threat and wipe out the supressors in one big volley. The last survivor runs for the hills, his hunger for burgers suddenly gone.

The convicts then proceed to make mincemeat of the two surviving militiamen.

Not to be outdone, the marines join the brawl.

Final activation, final turn. The marines remember their original mission, manage to break off from the melee and the sergeant reaches the counter of J.A. Burgers to place his order... fulfilling the mission objective and securing the victory for VASA.

J.A. himself has gone into cover behind his counter. He is not too happy with the way his marketing idea worked out. With most customers dead and so...! But he is a clever man, and he is sure to think of something else soon...

All in all a fun-filled game for all involved.

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