Battle Reports

This Page features a selection of battle reports from demo games or scenarios I have run with various I-Kore games.
New battle reports will be added as they are created, so feel free to check back.

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The Battles

Alien Invasion - A troop of Junkers tries to hold a landing platform against the Koralon hordes.

Burger Battle - Junker and VASA both want to win the battle for the Burger Special deal.

Task Force Delta - i-Kores Scenario for June 2003 was run on several different days.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Dawn Raid - i-Kores Scenario for July 2003 was run on several different days.
Day 1
Day 2

Feen Con 2003

Behemoth Safari - A selection of photographs from the first Behemoth Safari held at Tellurian Games.

i-KORE Day at Tellurian Games - Some scenes form the Brood Racing game and speed painting contest on the i-KORE store day at Tellurian Games.
Rules for Brood Racing (German Version) PDF-File (14 KB)

Various Battle Reports:
Skirmish 001
Junker Outpost

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