Dawn Raid Day 1

The Syntha Force

The Viridian Troops (Victims?)

The Battlefield

The Massacre starts

It get's bloody quickly

And ends quickly and messily.

Since the first run proved very unsatisfactory for both players, we decided to add a little more firepower to the viridians on the second go.
Enter the Behemoth

In this game bad dice luck struck the Syntha, and the Viridians would have won easily, had they remembered their primary mission. As it was, the viridian Player happily fired away at the syntha, but forgot completely to destroy the building.

After turn 6 it was still undamaged (some last syntha taking cover behind it) and even though a few prisoners had been freed (and some killed in a stray shot from the behemoths Gun), the mission itself was a failure.

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