Impressions from the Feencon 2003 in Germany

In the hottest week of the year we packed our stuff and headed for a stuffy, hot convention hall (no air conditioning) where we spend two days sweating in the heat and envying the visitors, most of whom migrated outside with their gaming groups once they had taken a look around.
Nevertheless, a few brave (and heat resistant) players stayed inside long enough for a few demo games of Void and Celtos.

I ran quite a few demo Games, both Void and Celtos, unfortunately the batteries in my camera went dead so the followin shot is the only one of a demo game available.

For the Void demos I ran several varieties of the Dawn raid scenario.
They used different Terrain (mostly pulling the prisoners and the building farther apart and putting some forest between both so the Syntha had to divide their forces) and a few runs of the scenario used different troops (adding some support weapons or additional troops to the Viridian force), all with the intention of giving the Viridians a bit of a chance. Still, almost all players commented on the fact that the Viridians were badly outgunned and had an impossible mission to accomplish.

For the Celtos demos I ran a simple head on head battle between a small force of Gael and Fir Bolg (three units and one hero each).

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