Scenes from the i-KORE day

At Tellurian Games on June 26th 2003

One of the attractions was the Brood Racing arena. Brood Racing is a quick game played with adapted Void rules, something of a mix between a horse race and cockfighting.

The goal of the game is to get your brood into the target strip, but since the movement of the hyped up brood is random, they often shoot over the goal and have to go for another round.

Also there is a certain element of outside influence from the rather rowdy spectators. Anything form firing a doping-dart at your favorite racie-brood to an overeager fan falling into the ring...

...where he usually gets eaten by the racing animals rather quickly.

The Brood also can (and do) fight each other, and there is usually lots of bloodshed, and even more fun.

The first winner was the green brood, after he made about 3 leaps around the ring, ran backwards for a while to munch on an unlucky fan and then actually managed to hit the goal.

Another contest taking place this day was a speed painting contest. Every participant received a zombie and had exactly one hour to paint it.

Fast brood and fast brushes, there certainly was much speedy stuff going on this day.

Now Sergeant Tenko has taken a fall into the ring and actually manages to run for almost a full leap around the arena before the hungry brood catch up to him.

Only five minutes to go and still no eyes.

The brushes didn't get cold...

... as there was always someone new to try his speed painting skill.

Not bad, for having been painted in a hurry!

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