Task Force Delta - Day 1

The Battlefield for the first game

Another view of the battlefield.

The VASA troops arrayed for a pre battle shot

Closeup of one militia squad

Sergeant Tenko and his best hope for victory.

The Viridian infiltrators.

Setup for the first battle.

One Viridian squad gets wiped out completely by fire from the suppressors, another squad makes a beeline for the table's edge.

Sergeant Tenko and the marines fire a full volley at the Viridians, and manage to wound no one. Happily the Viridians rush off the table in the next round and secure the victory.

The second game is ready to start. The troops have been placed.

Once again a full squad of Viridians is wiped out by suppressor fire, the other two head in the general direction of Johns bar.

Where two militia groups maneuver to intercept them.

The Viridians are almost there, the escape helicopter is waiting.

But the militia and marines are faster (won the initiative), and they intercept the commandos.

Sergeant tenko and the suppressors move towards where the action is.

Almost at his goal, a lone commando gets swarmed by the militia, after the rest of his squad has been killed.

The last squad of the viridians also has some trouble with intercepting militia.

Marines join the fray and the suppressors move ever closer.

The viridians try to break off, but they don't get far. The militia are in top shape.

And they get some support from the marines.

The VASA commander is quite happy with his troops.

Who have caught the last Viridians in a mousetrap.

When finally the supressors also join the grand melee, the last Viridians finally decide to give up and surrender.

So everybody decides to bury the enemity and they invade Jon's Bar for a little party.
Ah, yes, that's Sergeant Tenko there dancing on the bar with two ladies. shht.. don't mention it to anyone or he might try out his supercharged stun baton on you, since he didn't get a chance to use it on this day's battles.

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